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Jensen ackles naked pictures

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Sometimes, photographers try to hide the fact that he has bow-legs, but we fans know better.

Then the J2 cray crays started getting more insane when Ackles started openly dating the wife. Wish i could meet him one day! He is natural and easy-going. Sexy xxx google. Jensen ackles naked pictures. I've noticed that many fangirls the female kind don't understand why Ackles being a homophobe is a bad thing.

Jensen ackles naked pictures

You underestimate how angry delusional Tumblr shippers can get when they don't get their way and their "ship" gets threatened or dismissed by the cast and crew.

Like I mentioned before, I was a watcher of the show for the first 5 seasons, then i watched periodically and since season 8 I have watched only a handful of episodes. He said it could well happen but not yet. Many of other fans got so sick of them they said "I'm out" and let them have the playing field. And why do it? Although, Jensen has never mentioned her name in interviews he's a very private man it is common knowledge among his fans that he has been dating actress Danneel Harris for … close to 3 years.

Candidates in local and state elections often have very different beliefs than the main party platform, especially on the coasts specifically West Coast and NorthEast. The only thing I've heard him say on the topic was that he is not a fan of Destiel and certainly would not play the role of a gay interspecies relationship. If you are not the rights owner or their authorized representative, we will not be able to process your report.

I got the impression there were drug issues causing work problems, but it could just be Jared interfering with his every scene by trying to break his concentration, making Misha's scenes cost a fortune.

He fakes that stupid deep voice! Once Supernatural ends Jensen and Jared will have problems getting roles. Hes a classicman with a beautiful family!!

That's all I care about. Penelope cruz nude porn. What evidence might that be? To "oh dear" I did NOT say that this is twitter!! Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris were married May 15, I made it over, and we chit chatted a little. Regina King talks about her nomination for If Beale Street Could Talkand shares how she prepared for big scenes in the film.

You know, I think anybody who has just heard about Jenson or has followed his career should like him. I'd also like to point out that in the first "scruffmuffin" photo, you can see where God very clearly drew a line for Jensen when shaving: He gained my respect.

They're his most incredible feature, imho. I have no comment about Supernatural…I voted for the bear. This photo of Jared came online recently with him obviously drunk and his twigs and berries heh hanging out. Whether you believe or not, how can you hate Jesus? I would never vote for them in a pink fit and I probably won't get why someone else would, but I wouldn't wish them burn in hell because of it.

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The reasons to love him are endless, but this is certainly a good start! Does Jensen Ackles have any kids? Check out his post at R I started looking back at the 'charges' about homophobia and it appears that the NJ Con was what really instigated this shit storm. Hindi lesbian movies. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Does anybody have pictures of them in shorts!! Keep up the good work. Its his acting that has made him come so far. Jensen ackles naked pictures. For an actor who's based his whole career on his looks not the best time to be. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Tell me, R, what other parts of Leviticus do you support and follow? Not only does Jared's and Jensen's respective marriages reek, R, but so does "Mitchell" and everything he has posted. Feel No Guilt!!!

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Sign in. For what? Destiel is just something the fandom likes and I wouldn't say no it would be freaking awesome just its not what the show is about. Julius Judith Drake No, not at the moment. Joelle smith nude. Well, I knew I owned him an apology.

I read that Jensen and Jared pull anywhere from K for those conventions and sometimes they can do private meet and greets for like 5 minutes for 10K. Trucker Sean Wing They can't do that since they kill anyone who could create energy in the show. This has been the case for years, even before he hooked up with Danneel. This is an ad network. Thanks for making my Monday, Jensen is not only eye candy, but yes. In terms of conventional facial features generally scene as attractive, I would have to say Jensen wins in this category.

Jensen is the most talented actor, good friend, smart guy, beautiful man and etc and etc. The people that turn up at the events appear to be young girls almost exclusively, with a few child fans and a guy or two here and there. I have. Asian flat ass. I'm not a Jensen Ackles fan cause of his looks because, well, I'm not gay though I must admit, he is dreamy. Then it got even worse when Misha arrived and the Wincesters felt that Castiel was a 'threat' to the brother bond.

Mistake was in not giving the bros some breathing room to grow and explore character instead of same shit different week. Terminator 2: He is not. This is feature allows you to search the site. Thanks sooooooooooo much SPN writers and actors are all going through the paces.

Does Jensen Ackles have any pets? But the point is that Jensen claimed he was religious, thanked his lord and savior Jesus Christ in his soap opera award acceptance speech, talked about his involvement in Christian youth camps, and apparently still votes Republican. There sure do ping. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

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I'm pretty sure these last two are fake but I can't find the originals. I mean, besides gays. Until someone can give me some hard evidence of Jensen being intentionally homophobic I am still on board with him and Supernatural. Saggy tits amateur pics. Sign in. Jensen ackles naked pictures. Tumblr ebony video Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Edit Details Official Sites: I'm not sure if the author of this page knows this, but Jensen has a aunt who is a lesbian, and he took pictures with her and her wife and in the past. He looks like a gay man i mean!

One thing…What happened to Dean? Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. This is a hard, cold fact my gay besty has come to terms with. Between Jensen and Misha Collins, the world is a much happier and beautiful place.

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